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JAT 2018

INVOLUTION; Involution, can be attributed to a combination of two words: Inner + Revolution, or it could be Inner + Evolution

URBAN INVOLUTION; is a condition when acceleration of population growth is not accompanied by the growth of infrastructure and public facilities of the city. Or facilities and public facilities increased, but the increase is much less rapid when compared with the extraordinary population growth rate

CONFLUIDITY; Confluidity, the combined word of Confluence (meeting) and Fluidity (the state of fluid, instability), as a meeting between unstable conditions (especially with respect to water)

URBAN CONFLUIDITY; is a situation where a city eventually becomes a meeting of water-related problems, such as floods and robs, sea water penetration, river and beach pollution, water-based buildings, coastal reclamation, and others, that should be solved by "consciousness of fluidity" rather than "consciousness of stability"

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