PEOPLE AND HERITAGE - Empowering Communities through Conservation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage

In historic cores or narratives of heritage precincts, places constitute significant sites, meticulously invested with meaning often representing a particular individual, group or community. These locations have direct connection with the people, physically or emotionally through notions of belonging and ownership.

With changing times and new requirements for survival, some heritage is forgotten while some erased and altered to serve new needs, but when intervened with right and innovative strategies, ideologies of conservation can be incorporated within the growing cities.

Such opportunity has been explored through various works in Delhi and Rajasthan. Attempt was made to re-establish the forgotten past and celebrate the present conservation process with interpretations involving the community at large.

Obrolan Heritage #24 | 05-2018

RABU, 02 Mei 2018

Pk.17.30 wib

di kantor PTI Architects


Sarmistha Chatterjee

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Heritage Manager, India

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