International Seminar - Architecture In The Age Of Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. This new paradigm, known simply as Industry 4.0, reimagines how we make things by changing our relationship to production through digital and advanced fabrication technologies, artificial intelligence, and smart and green machines. But it is also marked by a hybrid approach to space-making. Yesterday’s factory architecture is being transformed away from the one-factory-per-company model toward neo–cottage industries set within a new industrial commons.

How this revolution will give impact to Architecture? What should we prepare when the Industry is being transformed towards digitalization?

What is the best interpretation of Architecture moving towards Industry 4.0?


Collaboration is something inevitable in architectural practice. The complexity of the projects is increasing. That will entail more collaboration and coordination as it widen the involvement of multi-disciplinary consultants/experts.

As digitalization is one of the important components in the Industry 4.0, the speakers will be expected to deliver their knowledge and experience in practicing the collaboration and coordination through digital world.

Case study of showing the comparison between the traditional way and the industry 4.0 will help the audience to understand and get the idea of implementation of Industry 4.0 in architectural practice.

The discussion will be focus on how the Architecture Process will evolve as a response to Industry 4.0. How the architectural practice should prepare them self in the upcoming era.

The speakers will be expected to share their knowledge and experiences in implementing the digitalization in their practice, what is the advantages/dis-advantages, and case study.


Kurihara Wataru

Ario Susanto

Nur Muhammad Gito Wibowo

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